What is Open Hope Library?
 This is a friendly library and free English classes project for children and women in disadvantaged areas in and out of Vietnam. This is an open-hearted library project with different library activities that easily open to children and women in privileged villages

Where does Open Hope Library deploy?
 – Red River Beach / Thung Nai Hoa Binh / Caibe Tien Giang / Cantho Mekong
– Homeless Village in Red River / Caibe Tien Giang / Cantho Mekong

Who? / Who learn? Who teach?
– All children and women or even adults can participate in project.
– Children, women and adults can participate in such wonderful activities.
– Those who know English or other soft skills can make such meaningful activities by sacrificing a bit of youth, time, love and dedication to the local community.

Who sponsored?
Dina Foundation sponsors this project. – Dina Foundation of Discovery Indochina

Why Open Hope Library?
Because there will be more opportunities to access information, raise awareness and improve access to the world of work through library activities, English, practicing life skills, English communication skills for disadvantaged children, women in disadvantaged areas so that people’s incomes will improve by themselves.

What can I do?
You can contribute many things such as donate books, magazines, tales, presentations, photography… You also donate time to gardening, cooking, yoga excercises, etc.through participating Open Hope Library. Those regular activities will build trust and love emotions around the world which create motivation, effort to learning and good attitude.

– Free English classes is for weekend on Saturday and Sunday:
Morning: 9 am – 10:30 am
Afternoon: 2 pm – 3h30 pm
– If you join in please coming10 minutes earlier. Participants should know format lesson of us and open the heart, understand and sympathize. This is an opportunity to understand yourself and change yourself to have integration.
https: //openhopelibraryproject.org/
https: //www.facebook.com/openhopelibraryproject/