Teaching English for local community in Vietnam

Attend the English teaching class for the local community is fun and rewarding experience. You can help Teaching English and getting involved in book offering to the village library. Open Hope Library Project help shape up this meaning full project. Let’s spend your time in a meaningful way for the good cause. If you bring your family here it will be eye opening experience for children and help them better understanding where they are and define their behavior.

You could join the Mương Ethnic Encounter trip and make out most of your time to do some thing for the good course while on trip to visit verdant village, meet with people and sample culinary delight.

You can work both as a teaching English facilitator or teacher at Hanoi Red River Village or  Mekong Delta Village

We organised  Hanoi half day trip on the weekend or Saigon Day Trip , 2day trip for volunteer who want to make some help in kinds to the needy kids in Vietnam villages.